About Us

hannah curlita dennis | winnie beau london CEO
Winnie Beau London Is a luxurious cosmetic brand based in the UK founded by Hannah-Curlita.  We are 100% cruelty free and do not test on animals.
We pride ourselves on producing affordable, long lasting and highly pigmented products that are accessible to everyone.
Being a Black woman, I have used my own experiences and difficulties buying makeup to create a brand that is diverse and inclusive. It is hugely important for me to pick base colours and tones that I knew would suit all skin tones. 
The inspiration for the business came from my love and passion for makeup and my work within the beauty industry, from photoshoots to in salon clients. This was the perfect way to progress in something close to my heart; hence the personal meaning behind the naming of the company - Winnie Beau London. 
My absolute favourite person in the world, my nan – Winnie! So she obviously had to take crowning glory and be the brand name. 
Winnie had lived in London most of her life and beau means beautiful woman or handsome man, so Winnie Beau London was born - everything just fit.
We have worked with some amazingly talented Makeup Schools, Masterclasses, Makeup Artists and painted the faces of a few A list celebrities as seen on our social media, which we are massively proud of despite only being founded mid 2017.
I can be the change I want to see in the makeup industry.